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Posts by Joel Anderle

Jan 5,’20 “And the Word Became Flesh…”, 2nd in Christmas, John 1: 1-18, The Rev Joel Anderle

Pastor Joel Anderle explores the mystical words of the beginning of the Gospel of John in search of practical helps for each day.

Dec 22, ’19 “Joseph as Guide,” 4th Advent, Matthew 1: 18- 25, The Rev Joel Anderle

Jospeh: diving into the richness of his faithfulness and hope. Pastor Joel Anderle considers the man who helped raise Jesus.

Dec 15, ’19, “John Looks Forward,” 3rd Advent, Matthew 11: 2-11, The Rev Joel Anderle

John the Baptist has a simple question. It’s ours, too: “Are you The One?” Pastor Joel Anderle dives in.

Dec 8, ’19 “John the Baptizer Announces Jesus,” 2nd Advent, Matthew 3: 1- 12, The Rev Joel Anderle

Advent’s call is heard in the words of John the Baptist anticipating the Savior.

Nov 24,’19 “Christ the King,” Luke 23: 33-43, The Rev Joel Anderle

How do we interpret “king” in 2019? How do we live as Jesus as king of our hearts?

Nov 17, 19 “Jesus is our Temple,” 23rd after Pentecost, Luke 21: 5-19, The Rev Joel Anderle

Jesus as our temple: how do we live it?

Nov 10, ’19 “Resurrection Questions,” Luke 20: 27-38, 22nd after Pentecost, The Rev Joel Anderle

How do we lead lives inspired by resurrection? What does resurrection now mean for our lives?

Nov 3, ’19, “All Saints,” Luke 6: 20-31, The Rev Joel Anderle

What does it mean to live saintly lives? Pastor Joel leads the conversation.

Oct 27, ’19, “Humility,” Luke 18: 9-14, 20th after Pentecost, The Rev Joel Anderle

Pastor Joel reflects on Jesus’ exhortation for us to lead with humility.

Oct 20, ’19 “Persistence Spirituality,” Luke 18: 1-8, 19th after Pentecost, The Rev Joel Anderle

Pastor Joel consider the long course in the same direction of spirituality in Jesus.
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