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“Divinity” – Transfiguration Sunday – Luke 9: 28-36

Pastor Joel begins the transition from the season of Epiphany into the season of Lent on this Transfiguration Sunday by examining the Holy Trinity.

“Slip Slidin’ Away” – Fourth Sunday After Epiphany – Luke 4: 21-30

Pastor Darren takes a look at Faith through the lens of a story about nearly losing his pants.

“Scripture” – Third Sunday After Epiphany – Luke 4: 14-21

Pastor Joel brings to us this passage of Luke, in which Christ preaches a sermon to his followers.

“Wine” – Second Sunday After Epiphany – John 2: 1-11

Pastor Joel takes a look at passages involving wine in the Bible, and encourages us using them.

“John the Baptist and Other Epiphanies” – First Sunday After Epiphany – Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22

Pastor Joel examines the nature of a theological epiphany and outlines a few of his one, specifically concerning John the Baptist.

“Incarnation” – Second Sunday After Christmas – John 1: 10-18

Pastor Joel once again examines the mystery of Christ’s human incarnation and how it applies to our lives today.

“And Jesus Grew” – First Sunday After Christmas – Luke 2: 41-52

Pastor Ronn takes a look at the curious passage detailing Christ’s early visit to the temple as a child.

“Mary and Hope” – Fourth Sunday in Advent – Luke 1: 39-45

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Pastor Joel examines Luke’s curious summary of the meeting between Elizabeth and Mary, and asks how we can see ourselves within the text during this season of Advent.

“Faith At Work” – Third Sunday Of Advent – Luke 3: 7-18

Pastor Joel examines this meaningful passage of gospel to help us prepare for the coming Christ child.

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