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The Community Covenant of West Peabody Strategic Ministry Planning Team has been meeting regularly to consider and suggest further plans for our church’s vitality and ministry.

As a part of our vitality process, we’ve proposed a new church constitution. This page provides explanations and links to relevant documents.

Previously our Vitality Team initiated a few activities coming out of our participation in a Veritas workshop.

  • sharing weekly news via email,
  • facilitating the 1:1 conversation campaign, and
  • preparing many opportunities to participate in activities designed to help us look inwardly at who we are as a church and outwardly at where we are in our local communities.

What is a Healthy Missional church?

How strong are our church’s vital signs?

Community Covenant Church hosted a Veritas workshop on February 10 and 11, 2012.
Find out more about what we experienced through our Veritas FAQ.

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