Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We are governed by a Leadership Team, comprised of our Pastor and seven lay members of our community voted into service by a gathering of the whole body. Each Council member serves as a chair to a church/ service area.

Pastor Joel Anderle

Pastor Joel received the call to Community Covenant in 1999.  He has helped lead several phases of Community Covenant’s life over time.  He is invigorated by pastoral work and spiritual life.  He and his wife, Dr. Janine Post-Anderle, DNP, have six grown children, including first son-in-law.   He enjoys reading broadly, listening to many genres of contemporary music, time at Pilgrim Pines and with family.

Pastor Bekah Lindberg

Pastor Bekah is the Connections Pastor at Community Covenant Church. With extensive study of the Old Testament, she loves to interact with the stories of the Bible and teach and help apply them to all age groups, nursery through seniors! Pastor Bekah grew up in the mountains of Washington State and is enjoying the landscape and culture of the North Shore. When she is not at CCC, she can be found exploring the outdoors, walking along the shoreline, swimming, downhill skiing, practicing photography, playing board games, and spending time with her puppy Pippin.

Pastor Ronald (Ronn) Huth

Pastor Ronn has been an Assisting Pastor at Community Covenant since January 1990 when he started under Pastor Jim Anderson after leaving his position as North Shore Young Life Area Director since 1977. Ronn and his wife Bonnie are originally from Lancaster County PA. They have 5 adult children and 11 adult grandchildren. They lived in Hamilton until 2019 when they sold their home and built an in-law unit attached to their youngest daughter’s home in Rowley. Bonnie retired as Head Nurse at Gordon College Health Center where she worked 30+ years.

Austin Klipp

  • Position: Music Director
  • Hometown: Lexington, MA
  • Hobbies/Interest: Bike riding, visiting breweries and following sports
  • Favorite Vacation Place: London

Eric Cade

  • Position on Leadership Team: At-Large
  • Hometown: Beverly, MA

  • Hobbies/Interest: Travel, Hiking, Theatre and College Basketball

  • Favorite Vacation Place: Disneyland

Jong Kwan “JK” Park

  • Position: Chairperson
  • Hometown: Tough question for someone who’s lived all over the US, but for now, I’ll go with Beverly, MA
  • Hobbies/Interest: Watching/playing soccer. Reading a captivating novel. Listening to new musical artists. Finding the best chicken wings.
  • Favorite Vacation Place: Another tough one. Somewhere warm, near a body of water (preferably the ocean), with access to fun activities (e.g. paddle boarding, boogie boarding, hiking) and a variety of delicious food options. Hawaii!

Julie Doe

  • Position: Finance Officer
  • Hometown: Johnsonburg, PA
  • Hobbies/Interest: Gardening, cooking/baking, playing, walking and training my pup Luna, family time
  • Favorite Vacation Place: West Coast of Ireland 

Carolyn Rasanen

  • Position: At Large
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington
  • Hobbies/Interest: knitting, basket weaving, reading
  • Favorite Vacation Place: Also Mount Rainier, WA

Heidi Hakes

  • Position: At Large
  • Hometown:
  • Hobbies/Interest:
  • Favorite Vacation Place:

Kristen Cooper

  • Position: At Large
  • Hometown: Chicagoland
  • Hobbies/Interest: Landscaping, jogging, family hikes, cooking
  • Favorite Vacation Place: Anywhere family and friends are

Cheri Sperr

  • Position: At Large
  • Hometown: Needham, MA
  • Hobbies/Interest: Biking, campfires, sharing meals with friends
  • Favorite Vacation Place: Ireland & Northern Ireland