33 Lake Street
West Peabody, MA
(978) 535-5321


“Ministries” is everything we do to glorify God.

We start in worship and then go out to the world. The little world in our homes and relationships, and the big world at work, across an ocean, over the internet.

Our ministries allow us to carefully steward our gifts: what God has given each and all of us. Our gifts are Time, Talents and Treasure.

Time is precious and can be spent only once. So, we carefully consider how we might impact the world for our triune God. Where can we invest our time so that God might be glorified by our time?

Talents are those gifts that are unique to us. What can you do? What are you good at? Using them carefully means stewarding your talents to glorify God.

Treasure is our money. We make it and we spend it. Considering always how we spend it, where we spend it, and how it affects the world for God is our privilege. We seek to glorify God in the way we make and spend money.

Our ministries seek to, as St. Francis said, share the Gospel always and when necessary, use words. We find time to serve others, to share fellowship together, and to reach God’s children who have never heard the message of hope and joy in Jesus Christ.

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