• the centrality of the word of God
  • the necessity of the new birth
  • a commitment to the whole mission of the Church
  • the Church as a fellowship of believers
  • a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit, and 
  •  the reality of freedom in Christ.

Evangelical Covenant Church

The Evangelical Covenant Church is our mother denomination.  The ECC was founded in 1885 by Swedish immigrants who had been part of the Lutheran Church in Sweden.  The ECC has been on a long and thoughtful journey in our nearly 150 years. They are striving to be multiethnic, intergenerational, and missional.  The Covenant is non-credal, but guided by six Affirmations:

 Pilgrim Pines

Pilgrim Pines invites all people from their routines into opportunities to grow, experience renewal, and enjoy re-creation and relationships, so that they will experience God through Jesus Christ..

Haven for Hunger/ Citizens Inn 

Community Covenant Church has partnered with Haven for Hunger for many years. Haven for Hunger, Peabody’s food shortage program, provides both grocery-like food distribution four mornings per week and a warm meal served restaurant style four evenings a week.  It is a project of the larger Citizens Inn, a housing agency primarily for emergency housing for families experiencing  homelessness.

New England Seafarers 

A ministry of the Evangelical Covenant, New England Seafarers began in 1880 to serve those women and men who work on-board ocean-going ships.  Chaplain/ Director The Rev. Steve Cushing has creatively generated contextualized ministry for 25 years to the world citizens who visit Boston, Massachusetts. The goal is to help care for the spiritual and physical needs of sailors who find themselves in Boston Harbor.